New Oriental Education and Culture Industrial Fund (EDU Fund) is an equity investment fund initiated by the New Oriental Education and Technology Group (New Oriental Group). Subscribers of the fund include the cornerstone investor New Oriental Group and a series of top Chinese financial institutes and well-known enterprises like ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), CITIC Trust, Zhang Jia Gang Industrial Capital Center, Noah Private Wealth Management and 51jobs. Entrepreneurs in the education and culture industry are now facing an array of problems in securing resources and capital due to the global economic fluctuations. Established amidst the huge challenges, EDU Fund is committed to boost the concerted development of innovation, entrepreneurship and the industrial platform and eventually help build a lasting and dynamic education and culture ecosystem.

The fund focuses on enabling the development of leading enterprises in segments such as early childhood education, K-12 education, international education, vocational education and STEAM education, while facilitating the integration of various segments in the education industry with each other and with other industries. As the first phase of the RMB fund (RMB 1.5 billion) will mainly focus on growing enterprises,action was in hand to set up the US dollar fund.

Supported by the resources and funding of the New Oriental Group, the team of EDU Fund has invested in multiple industry-leading companies represented by Sunlands, Kaishu Story, Zhang Tong Jia Yuan, Golden Finance, Ivybaby, etc..

Our Advantages

1.We are able to provide the start-ups with professional strategic guidance using the team’s in-depth expertise in education and culture industry.

2.We have plentiful resources in education industry and are familiar with a series of types of cooperation, therefore we are able to provide the target companies with supports in branding, business operation and funding at the same time.

3.We have developed connections with an array of quality VC and PE firms to enable the start-ups in expanding channels of funding.

4.We fully respect the target companies’ management teams and do not interfere in the companies’ decision making.

Target Fields

Target fields of investment: we are currently focused on education and education-related projects, especially in early childhood education, pre-school education, elementary school and middle school, vocational education, overseas study preparation, internet and O2O education projects. We aim at gradually covering the whole ecosystem of education and culture-related industry.

Target phase of investment: series A – pre IPO

Currency: RMB, USD.

Management Team

GU Xianhao

Board Manager of Risk Control

  • • Member of ACCA,13 years of experience at New Oriental,in charge of New Oriental’ s overseas businesses, fully involved in the company’ s IPO process at NYSE.
  • • Used to manage the group’s assets, aggregated managed assets reaches10 billion RMB.
  • • 10 years of in-depth experience in investment in education and culture industry, manages the post-investment and business integration of projects New Oriental invested in.


VP of Investment

  • • Experienced investor in education industry with experience in 10 projects in 4 years.
  • • Former investment director at the investment department and international cooperation department of China Gold Group.
  • • BSc Business and Financial Management, University of Surrey; MSc Business Management, University of Warwick.


VP of Investment

  • 4 years of experience in education industry; experience in the bond ratings of multiple listed companies; leader in the investments to dozens of start-ups and the establishment of several funds.
  • Former Senior Analyst at Dagong Global Credit Rating, Business Director at Tianxing Capital, Head of Beijing Office at Huafeng Capital.
  • MSc Finance, Queen Mary University of London.


VP of Investment

  • Joined New Oriental in 2014; involved in the investment of 30 projects in the past 5 years.
  • Former member of the Private Banking Department of Standard Chartered.
  • MSc Professional Accounting, University of Newcastle.